Flesh and Blood
Season 1, Episode 10
The rookie episode 10
Air date January 15, 2019
Written by Inda Craig-Galvan
Directed by Jessica Yu
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"Flesh and Blood" is the tenth episode of the first season on The RookieThis is tenth episode of the series overall.


On Captain Andersen’s orders, Officer Nolan and Sergeant Grey are paired up for the day on patrol. Additionally, Nolan’s son and Grey’s daughter visit their dads on the job and see them in action. Meanwhile, Officer Chen is paired up with Captain Andersen, and Officer Bradford tells Chen to protect her at all costs.


Main Edit

Guest starringEdit

  • Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers
  • Michael Filipowich as Briefcase Thief
  • Jayne Taini as Gladys
  • Zayne Emory as Henry Nolan
  • Jade Payton as Dominique Grey
  • Alain Washnevsky as Dariush Ghorbani
  • Maggie Parto as Mehrnaz Ghorbani
  • Ramses Jimenez as Rob


  • Johnny Rey Diaz as Javier
  • Andi Chapman as Margaret
  • Ian Gregg as Russell
  • Michael J. Sielaff as Bryce
  • Brian Leckner as Airport Officer Holcomb
  • George Tsai as Crater Street House Father
  • Wendy Schenker as Neighbor Scarlett
  • Vincent O'Brien as Green Shirt
  • Paul Eliopoulos as White Tank


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