John Nolan
John Nolan
Basic Information
Name: Jonathan Nolan
Status: Alive
Age: Male
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Police Officer
Family Information
Children: Henry Nolan
Played by: Nathan Fillion
Seasons: 1
Appears in: 1 series, 1 season

John Nolan is the main character in the series. He is a rookie cop who works at Los Angeles Police Department in the Mid-Wilshire station.

His Training Officer is veteran Talia Bishop. Nolan is portrayed by Nathan Fillion.


In the pilot episode, Nolan is shown storing his divorce papers and wedding ring in a safe deposit box; he tells the bank manager that the divorce had been "coming for two years" and that he and his ex-wife had agreed to stay married until their son Henry went to college. During the following incident with bank robbers, he says that he went to college, dropped out when his girlfriend got pregnant, and started a construction business. In later episodes, we hear that he went to Penn State and studied pre-law.

Nolan moved out to California six months before his first day on the job as a rookie; he's staying in the guest house of his old college roommate, who seems to be not only rich but largely absent.

In "The Ride-Along" Nolan chats with his son online, and they seem to have a good relationship. In "Time of Death" Nolan speaks to his ex-wife Sarah on the phone, and they sound like the divorce was amicable.




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